Different humidity. Different temperatures. Different pleasures.

Traditional sauna.
Scandinavian sauna bathing takes two traditional forms. The classic sauna is best enjoyed at temperatures of 165-190 degrees Fahrenheit in a relative humi-dity of 20–35%. Now and then you sprinkle a ladle of water over the hot sauna stones and feel the unique, tingling sensation as wave after wave of heat penetrates deep into your skin. Your pores open, you perspire freely and dead skin cells simply disappear in the shower. Rounding off by pouring water over the stones is part of the ritual. A slightly more extreme variation on this theme is the dry sauna in very high temperatures (95–110°C) and an almost totally dry atmosphere. This form of sauna bathing is popular among those who like to feel the searing sensation of heat on their skin, when perspiration is the only way to cool the body. For devotees of the traditional sauna bathing, we recommend a classic Tylo Deluxe heater.

Steam sauna.
A gentler form of sauna in 110-150 Fahrenheit, which many people experience as the ideal bathing temperature. A continuous and automatic supply of steam ensures constant humidity of 40–65%. The result is a more temperate bathing climate that tempts both young and old to linger a little longer. Just like traditional saunas, steam saunas produce the same sensation of clean, fresh skin and give you the same opportunity to unwind and relax both body and soul. For that touch of ultimate luxury, you can perfume the air with invigorating herbs or fragrant essences. If you want to enjoy steam saunas and traditional hot and dry saunas, choose Tylo Combi – an ingenious solution that combines all the options in one single heater.

Steam bathing.
A steam bath is not to be confused with the steam sauna. To enjoy a modern steam bath you leave the realm of the wooden sauna cabin and relax instead in a specially designed room finished in glass, plastic or tiles. The humidity level is a constant 100%. However, the temperature doesn’t rise above 100-115 Degrees Fahrenheit, so you can enjoy the experience for as long as you like and lose yourself in clouds of soothing steam. If you are thinking of installing a steam bath at home, a practical solution is to let the same facilities serve as a conventional shower as well. Just complement your choice of a Tylo VA or VB steam generator with a mixer tap and a sprinkler. Alternatively, Tylette Centre and Tylo Felicity combine shower functions with an integral generator for steam bathing.

Infra saunas.
This form of bathing is based on infrared radiation and has little in common with sauna bathing as such. The equipment Tylo uses emits IR-B and IR-C radiation. This penetrates deep into the body and is widely used by beauticians the world over to enhance the efficacy of a number of skin treatments. Infrared radiation is also used as a medical therapy to alleviate the effects of rheumatism, tense muscles and similar aches and pains. It is a well-known fact that heat in all its forms stimulates the body and enhances the sensation of mental and physical wellbeing. So it’s no exaggeration to say that Tylo infra cabins are in investment in good health, for body and soul alike. As Tylo infrared panels are fully-contained separate units, they can also be installed in existing sauna rooms.

Installing Tylo infrared panels together with a Tylo sauna heater in one and the same bathroom is the optimum solution. In addition to their other positive effects, infrared heaters heat up the sauna quickly. This means you can start the bathing cycle almost imme-diately, enabling you to squeeze in a relaxing sauna when you would otherwise not have had time. Enjoying the benefits of infrared radiation on your body at the same time as the sauna heater heats up the air in the sauna room is a solution well worth considering – and one which satisfies all the different preferences of the family for the best possible bathing experience.