Combi Steam saunas at home.

Steam saunas are a variation on the traditional sauna concept that we can warmly recommend. The difference is that you enjoy a steam sauna at a lower temperature, but with much higher humidity (up to 70%). In practice, this means a more gentle, more relaxing bathing sensation – a “soft sauna” as it is sometimes described. To enjoy the relaxing properties of a steam sauna at home, simply choose a Tylo Combi heater. It’s the perfect choice for all types of sauna bathing – dry, wet, or in clouds of soothing steam. And you can enhance the experience with the fragrance of natural herbs or liquid essences. For the same effect in commercial facilities, simply complement a Tylo Deluxe sauna heater with a separate VA steam generator and CC300 control or CC20 control.

Combi sauna Heater for dry, traditional or steam sauna bathing. Comes with built-in electronic control panel for wall-mounted installation inside the sauna room .

  • Electronic Pre-selection of Sauna Type and Temperature
  • Integral Stainless Steel Water Reservoir
  • Herb Container for Dried or Fresh Herbs
  • Liquid Fragrance Container
  • Electronic Low Water-level Cut-off
  • Automatic and Manual Switch-off Options
  • Memory Function to Recall the Type and Temperature of your Previous Bath
  • Automatic Air-drying Function After Completion of Steam and Herbal Saunas
  • Sturdy Guard Rail for Added Protection Against Accidental Burns
  • Pre-programming Capability of up to 10 Hours in Advance

Combi U7
7 kW output. For sauna rooms 140-320 cubic feet in size. Supplied complete with bracket for installing the sauna heater. Heater size:18" wide x 16" deep x 19" high 140 CU. FT. MINIMUM - 320 CU. FT. MAXIMUM SAUNA ROOM 7,000 WATTS 30.0 AMPS 240 VOLTAGE 1 PHASE

Combi U8
8 kW output for sauna rooms 175-440 cubic feet in size. • Heater Size:18" wide x 16" deep x 22" high • 175 CU. FT. MINIMUM - 440 CU. FT. MAXIMUM SAUNA ROOM 8,300 WATTS 35.0 AMPS 240 VOLTAGE 1 PHASE