Steam saunas Pro

For large steam saunas in a hotel, spa or public swimming pool, you can combine a Tylo sauna heater with a Tylo VA steam generator. This enables you to offer traditional sauna bathing and the gentler sensation of a steam sauna in one and the same room. Another advantage of steam saunas is that this bathing form eliminates the problems associated with scorched panels that are such a common headache in public facilities. In other words, a steam sauna not only offers bathers more alternatives, it also helps minimise maintenance costs.

Choosing the desired bathing mode is simple. Just key in the temperature and humidity values (for example, 110-150 Fahrenheit and 40-65% relative humidity for steam saunas) on the control panel. These settings will then remain constant during the entire bathing cycle. Afterwards, an automatic air-drying function is activated to reduce humidity to a normal level..