Infrared heat.

Infrared panels can be used to speed up the heating of a sauna room. The radiation works immediately, so you can start to relax on the sauna benches as soon as you wish, without first having to wait for the sauna heater to warm up the air. This is where Tylo’s individual infrapanels come into their own. Install as many as you need for your bathroom. Tylo infra-panels are top-quality constructions, each with its own on/off switch, inbuilt thermostat and dependable temperature cut-off for safety and peace of mind. They are also stylishly designed with wooden trim in alder and aspen to match the colour of the sauna room walls.

Infra package
Features infra panels, infra guard and TS-infra control panel See more in "Infra package web.pdf" below.

Infra-panel 710 (Art. no. 9001 1250)
Size: 710 x 340 mm.

Infra-panel 925 (Art. no. 9001 1260)
Size: 925 x 340 mm.

Infra-panel 1070 (Art. no. 9001 1270)
Size: 1070 x 340 mm.

TS-Infra control panel (Art. no. 7010 1000)
Regulates time and temperature settings. For wall-mounting outside the infra cabin. Size: 195 x 255 mm, depth 89 mm. (Inst. size: 167 x 227 x 49 mm)