Sauna accessories.

Little details can make a big difference. A few well chosen products from the Tylo range of accessories will soon give your sauna room a distinctive character all of its own.

You can choose everything from classic, rustic sauna style to the very latest in design three comprehensive series unique to Tylo, all with the same contemporary look. There is an all-aluminium version, and versions with decorative wooden detailing in beech or aspen two finishes that are the perfect match for our prefabricated sauna rooms. An insigni-ficant detail, you may say. But, on the other hand, attention to details like this is the hallmark of Tylo thinking. Our range for public bathing facilities includes a unique solution for water sprinkling, a highly sophisticated fragrance dispenser and a new series of essential accessories in carefully selected materials. Our previous accessory range, expanded and amended over the years, has been replaced by a carefully composed selection of brand new accessories, each of the very highest quality.

Ladle Classic, Bucket Classic
Wooden bucket and ladle in a classic design. The bucket has a practical plastic insert that holds 1 gallon. Hemp handle and loop.

Ladle Classic (Art. 9012 1025)
Bucket Classic (Art. 9004 1010)

Collage SC
An all-in-one instrument combining thermometer, hygrometer and hourglass on a beautifully finished beech plaque.

Collage SC (Art. 9007 1032)

Beech accessories
A complete new series in aluminium with decorative wooden detailing in beech.

Towel rack Beech (Art. 9015 2370)
Ladle Beech (Art. 9015 2310)
Bucket Beech (Art. 9015 2300)
Hourglass Beech (Art. 9015 2350)
Thermometer/Hygrometer Beech (Art. 9015 2340)
Thermometer Beech (Art. 9015 2320)

Concentrated fragrances
To be diluted with water. For use with earlier models of Tylo fragrance dispensers Sauna Fresh and Steam Fresh. Plastic bottles containing 250 ml of concentrate.

Eucalyptus 250ml (Art. 9002 0000)
Lemon 250ml (Art. 9002 0010)
Pine 250ml (Art. 9002 0020)
Peppermint 250 (Art. 9002 0030)
Menthol 250 (Art. 9002 0040)

Fragrance dispensers
Electronic control panel for easy, automatic operation of the Tylo Fresh dispenser. Supplied complete with transformer. May be installed at any distance from the fragrance dispenser. Size: 130 x 190 mm, depth 27 mm.

CC Fresh (Art. 9090 8006)

Sauna Oil
Oil treatment for sauna benches 100% parafin oil. apply with cloth or brush to the sauna benches, skirting panels and backrests. Other wooden fittings in the sauna should be left untreated. 1-litre plastic bottle, (enough for approx. 6 square meters or 65 square feet).

Sauna Oil (Art. no. 9002 2050)

Wooden headrests
Narrow strips of wood in a fixed, gentle contoured shape.

Wooden head rest (Art 9008 1014)

Water sprinkler
An innovative solution for sprinkling water over hot sauna stones. Connect to hot or cold water. Consists of a 7-metre twined hemp rope running through brass eyebolts, a sprinkler head, a valve box with lever and a rope bolt, together with plumbing connections. Supplied in a gift package with an exclusive bronze plaque.

Water sprinkler (Art. 9034 1000)

Ventilation grille A
Fits over an opening of 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" actual size of grille a 4" x 8 3/4"
(Art. 9017 1000)

Ventilation grille B
Made of wood fits over rough opening 3 1/2" x 6 1/2", actual size of wood grille 5 1/2" x 8 3/4"
(Art. 9018 1040)
(Art. 9018 1038)

Ventilation grille C
for sauna rooms over 900 cubic feet.
Vent opening 9 3/4" x 10"
(Art. 9018 1032)

Vent hatch B
Fits over the air opening inside sauna to regulate airflow. opening 3 1/2" x 5 3/4" Total size 5 1/2" x 14 3/4"
(Art. 9018 1036)
(Art. 9018 1034)

Vent hatch C
Fits over the air outlet inside sauna opening size 9 3/4" x 10"
(Art. 9018 1030)