Our hinged doors for showers and steam rooms have an extra robust design to cope with wear and tear and heavy traffic in demanding environments such as public bathing facilities. They are manufactured in 6 mm smoked, tempered, safety glass with protective stainless steel trim round the edges and hung in a robust aluminium frame. Door leaves come complete with aluminium handles and hinges, and magnetic strips for a tight seal. There is a drainage strip and air vent at the base of the door. All our hinged doors can be hung to open left or right.

Steam Door 60 G (Art. 9091 2000)
Frame size: 1870 x 780 x 60 mm. Width of opening 670 mm.

Steam Door 50 G (Art. 9091 1010)
Compact model in tempered clear glass with concealed hinges. Frame size: 1855 x 635 x 60 mm. Width of opening 550 mm.

Steam Door 99 G (Art. 9091 2020)
As above, but specially adapted for wheelchair access with extra wide opening and flat threshold. Frame dimensions: 1870 x 990 x 60 mm. Width of opening 880 mm.

Shutting device for glass doors (Art. 9030 1010)
Hydraulic construction closes glass doors gently and smoothly. May be combined with the door-closer below.

Automatic door-closer (Art. 9030 1030)
Fits to the side of the door with the hinges, to close the door from a fully open position. Easy to fit. Complement this with the hydraulic shutting device described above.