Tylo steam rooms – the choice of professionals.

Give the people in charge of running public bathing facilities the chance to choose a steam room, and the chances are they’ll choose Tylo. One reason is cost-effectiveness. They know that our commitment to quality and durability, our hard-wearing constructions and the reliability of our equipment minimise the cost of service and maintenance.

For the bathers themselves, Tylo steam rooms mean comfort and convenience. In Tylo Elysee rooms the contoured seats are tastefully integrated into the walls. In Tylo Excellent there are wide, comfortable, split-level benches separated by attractive cover panels. And both series incorporate elegant glass doors and dome-shaped ceilings to enhance the sensation of space and light. All in all, it’s qualities like these that make Tylo a firm favourite – meeting the professionals’ criteria for a rational, reliable choice, and satisfying discerning steam bathers’ demands for pleasure and relaxation.

Domed roof
not just elegant to look at; it’s practical too. It prevents condensation from dripping onto the bathers below.

Automatic drainage
the individually contoured seats are designed to lead water and condensation to the floor drain.

is prepared for connection to the ordinary ventilation system.

Recessed downlights
above each seat (in Elysee) provide welcoming subdued lighting.

Exclusive hinged door
in tinted, tem-pered safety glass with frame and door handle of anodised aluminium. May be hung to open right or left.

Stainless steel protection
round the edge of the door leaf, with an air inlet under the apron/drainage strip at the bottom of the door.

Magnetic strips
for a reliable, steamtight seal round the door.

Perfect seals
with special silicone and non-perishable sealing strips between all sections.

Your choice of exterior finish.
Rooms are designed to allow you to adapt the finish of the outside walls to their surroundings.