Tylo steam generators.

Our powerful steam generators are designed to cope with the demands of a tough life in public bathing facilities, hotels and gyms. Under these conditions steam generators often need to work more or less round the clock, so service and maintenance times have to be kept to a minimum. Thatís why we have given operational reliability top priority and chosen the best possible materials and components in every Tylo steam generator.

Superlative safety
thanks to the electronic water-level indicator, low-water cut-off, integral safety valve and temperature limit control.

Always the right steam output,
regardless of the quality or level of the water.

Stand-by function
a unique Tylo innovation that saves huge amounts of money for public steam-bathing facilities.

The cleverest control panels
with features such as remote control, infinitely variable temperature control, energy-saving divi ded output, weekly timer with long-term programming function and battery back-up.

Practical features and functions,
such as the solenoid valve with easy-to-clean filter.

Hidden out of sight
for example, in a well ventilated cabinet or machine room above, below or on the same level as the steam room itself. (Max. distance: 15 m.)

Simple installation
the steam generator can be fitted to the wall or installed as a freestanding floor unit.

Low energy consumption
divided output produces a constant bathing temperature, continuous steam production and little noise.

Built-in operational integrity
automatic empty-flush-and-refill cycle without any noticeable effect on performance if the quality of the water in the tank deteriorates.

Calcium-repellent electrodes
placed for easy access under the service hatch on the top of the steam generator.

First-class tubular elements
high quality heat- and acid-resistant tubular heating elements made in-house by Tylo.

Fully welded water tank
a service-friendly construction in top quality stainless steel with replaceable tubular elements.