Wood-fired sauna stoves.

Imagine the inviting scents of wood and resin and the relaxing crackle of the fire. Then add the occasional sizzle of water on the stones and billowing clouds of steam that bathe the windows in mist and set the air shimmering with deep-penetrating waves of heat…

There’s something special about a wood-fired sauna, and as we know how to appreciate sauna bathing in all its forms here at Tylo, we have a wide range of wood-fired sauna stoves for you to choose from as well. They all share the same high quality and unique heat-retaining construction that means you can linger a little longer in the sauna. At home, in the country, or on the shores of a tranquil lake you can enjoy the advantages of a wood-fired sauna in a class of its own.

This external feed wood stove is perfect for saunas where the owner wishes to feed the stove from a changing room or wood shed. The glass door allows the heater to be used as a dual fireplace for the changing room side of your sauna. For saunas 282 to 706 cu. ft.

The larger external feed wood stove is meant for large scale saunas which desire an external feed system and the added benefit of a glass door on the changing room side of the sauna. For saunas 425 to 988 cu. ft.

This popular powerhouse for mid-sized saunas has a satin steel front panel finish for elegance and long life. Includes a glass door standard and features our patented 'Coanda' air circulation system for long life and efficient heat up. For saunas 282 to 706 cu. ft

Same as the popular KS20, but with built-in integral water tank. Includes glass door and Coana air circulation system. For saunas 282 to 706 cu. ft.

This high performance wood burning heater is for large saunas and includes a glass door and integral water tank. For saunas 530 to 850 cu. ft.

Our Wood burning Sauna Heaters Feature:

No electricity needed - perfect for cabins or remote locations

Outer shield finished in heat resistant paint and stainless steel (KS models) looks great and contributes to softer heat

Large rock capacity means soft heat/steam

Patented 'Coanda' air ventilation system for long steel life and quick efficient heating time (KS models)

Removable ash pan

Interior or exterior feed options

Chimney outlet out the top or back

Optional enclosed water tank

For saunas from 212 cu. ft. to 988 cu. ft.

Quality construction: heavy duty steel interior